A Best Seller Returns !

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Earlier this year we were really down in the dumps when one of our best sellers decided to become a Thomson exclusive property.  It seems as though it may not have turned out to be their best decision, but for us we have great news !  As we now have availability at the lovely Hotel Villas Kolocep.  This is a real hideaway; close to Dubrovnik on the mainland,   peace and quiet is nevertheless absolutely guaranteed as there is no traffic at all on the island.  And  – its one of the few places with sandy beaches as well – this and the gently shelving access to the warm sea makes it perfect for smaller guests. There are ideal rooms types for families too, with triple and family rooms.  Offered on a half board basis, the food is good and features some great Croatian specialities as well as more international types of cuisine.

Kolocep view 2

The sea kayaking off this island is second to none as well, and we also recommend hiring a bike to get around and seeing the place.  There is also a nudists beach on the island, but its tucked away and very private so no risks of shock !    Dubrovnik roofs

If you want to remind yourself that others exist, then its only a short hop on a ferry to the mainland before you come back to your own island retreat.

October this year will see the Travel Conference taking place in Dubrovnik, so we imagine that the area will become even more popular next year for visitors from the UK, as the profile of the destination will be enhanced across the board in all sorts of different media and also by members of the trade itself.

We had to laugh this morning – dear Simon Calder on the Beeb,  advising the public that there is overcapacity in the travel market and that Operators are now offering £300 holidays.  Well, we haven’t found a single one at that price to anywhere in the world, and certainly not to Croatia where demand seems to continually outstrip supply.

Coming soon……. De Luxe Cruises, extra travel dates for 2014…..