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Located to the North, its nearest neighbour is Italy. To those in the know Istria is referred to as ‘undiscovered Tuscany’ an area renowned for superb cuisine and a gourmets paradise.

The Venetians inhabited this area for over 500 years – this is reflected in the buildings and homes which are decorated in the delicate hues of umber and ochre with terracotta tiles to the roof.
As well as the mainland, Istria has several islands which are all strikingly beautiful in diverse ways. Green and verdant or rocky and dramatic.

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Pula itself has a preserved amphitheatre and Roman town. Its certainly worth a day trip to view these historic monuments.

Rovinj was once a fishing port and is possibly one of the most stunning resorts in Croatia. The old town has a real mix of all influences which beautifully reflect the diversity of the area’s history. There are plenty of quaint winding cobbled streets to explore.

The walled town of Porec was originally Roman which can be clearly seen from some of the main street names, such as Cardo Maximus, as well as the style of the churches and villas. Walls and round towers were added in Medieval times.

Istria is world renowned for truffles which is often served in thin slivers with fresh pasta or tossed into the pasta as an oil.

Shellfish is also a local speciality, don’t leave without sampling the famous mussels which grow in the Lim Channel . Another ‘must have’ is the local speciality Risotti, prepared with melt in the mouth squid, the rice coloured black with the ink.

Is one of the most popular resorts in Croatia with the longest tourist tradition on the eastern Adriatic.

Opatija is in a sheltered spot on the Kvarner Gulf.

In Victorian times the area was the preserve of high society holidaymakers. Now it’s available to us all to enjoy, however the legacy of the glorious buildings are a reminder of the era and remain for us to admire.

Many of these buildings have undergone complete refurbishment and now offer luxurious hotel or villa accommodation without compromising the individual character of the building.

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