Croatia – What’s it All About?

As well being the birthplace of the Cravat and the Biro, Croatia as from 1 July 2013,  became the 28th member state of the EU

With 1500 miles of crystal clear shore line, Croatia offers unparalleled clear waters, perfect for swimming, sailing, snorkelling and diving. The ideal destination whatever your preferred type of holiday in Croatia.  With over 200 days of sunshine every year, its easy to see why its so popular

While sandy beaches are rare in Croatia, the shingle or pebble beaches make for some of the clearest waters to be found anywhere in Europe.

It also has a rich diverse history with clear architectural influence from the Romans, Venetians and Greeks. Tiny mountainside villages with quaint cobbled streets blend with some of the most breathtaking scenery inland to make holidays in Croatia somewhere offering something for everyone.


Popular Croatia Tourist Areas.

In the more recognised Tourist areas such as Dubrovnik, Hvar and Split, the combination of historical buildings with some great beaches means there’s plenty  for everyone to do.

Becoming an independent democracy in 1991, Croatia is nevertheless, steeped in history with a culture and atmosphere all its own.


It proudly upholds its way of life, so visitors can enjoy a country with plenty to offer but which hasn’t paid the price of losing its identity or traditions in the pursuit of attracting international visitors.

So whether you decide to take your Croatia holiday on the mainland, the islands, sailing, cruising, an adventure itinerary or a combination of all these, Croatia will leave you with marvellous memories of a dream vacation.


Beaches – sandy beaches are not the norm in Croatia. Most are either fine shingle or pebbles and there are plenty of them. Hundreds of small coves invite exploration off the many islands and by virtue of there being so many, most are empty.

Culinary pursuits

Croatia is world famous for its really fresh and huge variety of seafood. Simply prepared in olive oil, served with fresh salads or vegetables it’s delicious.


Fresh sardines, calamari and mussels abound as do shellfish galore. A Croatian speciality is Squid risotto – the rice is infused with the ink for a unique flavour.

Italian influenced cuisine is also in evidence in the form of both a wide range of pastas and pizzas being available.

One of our personal favourite starters couldn’t be simpler, Prsut (the local Parma ham) and cheese – similar in flavour and texture to parmesan, served with bread and olive oil sipping a glass of crisp white wine – makes for a great lunch al fresco.


Wines and vineyards are prolific throughout Croatia. Some are International award winners. Red and white are both readily available and should definitely be sampled.  Our favourite is Prosek – although this name may vanish since joining the EU as they feel it may be confused with Prosecco, a totally different style of fizzy wine from Italy.  Needless to say this is not going down too well with the Wine Growers who are adamant Prosek predates the Italian wine with a similar name, by centuries.

What can we do on holiday?

Croatia is without doubt, one of the best holiday destinations for those who want to do a bit more than lie in the sun (although this too is an option !)

Tennis is widely available, as are football pitches.

Sailing is a way of life here whether a small sail boat to hire on a daily basis, right through to 40ft yachts complete with Captain and staff for a week long cruise around the islands.

All manner of watersports are offered from the beaches, whether it be water ski-ing, windsurfing, even jet ski-ing. All may be hired locally. Scuba diving is also widely available.

You can even charter your own boat for the day and let the Captain choose where to take you. Pack a picnic for lunch and enjoy…..

Is it easy to get around and about?

Unless you are visiting the old towns of Dubrovnik or Split,  we strongly recommend you consider car hire when travelling to Croatia, particularly to Istria. It is by far the best way to get off the beaten track and to explore the unspoiled interior.  Istria is the ideal Croatia fly drive holiday.

For those travelling to Dubrovnik or Split, buses and taxis are plentiful. If travelling to the islands, there are frequent ferry services.  If you are on holiday with Completely Croatia, we will have pre-arranged your arrival and departure transfers, and for the majority of the islands, will provide a water taxi transfer to allow a seamless, speedy and luxurious arrival to you holiday hotel..

Why not prebook excursions – there are many to choose from – Visit Montenegro for the day, marvel at Mostar, take a jeep safari inland, or sail to the islands off the mainland.  Or try some wine tasting in the Peljesac peninsula.


There’s plenty to bring back for friends and family or just for you as a reminder of your Croatia Holiday. Lavender, local ceramics and artwork, olive oil, lace and leather and of course wine!