Guest Post ‘Goat Town’ by Filipa Marusic

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Market at TrogirOne of places to visit while in Croatia is definitely the walled City of Trogir. This UNESCO World Heritage town is one of the best preserved coastal towns in terms of cultural heritage and architecture of different art periods and is sometimes called a living city museum. Located close to Split Airport (not on the flight path!)

The origin of the name Trogir dates back to the 2nd century BC while the town itself exists from the 3rd century BC. One of the interesting explanations on the origin of the name is story about Trogir as ‘Goat Town’ – this comes from the mix of two Greek words – Tragos meaning goat and Oros meaning hill.  We’d suggest the hotel of the same name –  Hotel Tragos   – their restaurant is renowned for cooking ‘under the bell’ a local method of braising on hot coals for the tenderest of meats.  Their fresh sea bass is also superb, plain grilled and served with potatoes and chard.

One of the most valuable sights in Trogir is an original Greek  relief of Kairos – the God of Happy Moments, it originates from the 3rd century BC and it is now kept in the Benedictine monastery. The legend about the Kairos says you will have happiness and you will seize your lucky moment if you grab him by tuft on his head. If you fail to do so you will miss your lucky moment and you won’t have any chance of good luck.

Places not to miss are definitely Trogir cathedral which took almost 4 centuries to build and Radovan portal, both unique works of art. Whilst in the pedestrian only City Centre, you should explore the various old palaces and churches. If you feel like going to an event,  a place to be is old Venetian Kamerlengo fortress – nowadays well known for various concerts and festivals like popular Moondance festival, featured in Forbes.

Trogir marina

During history, Trogir drew attention with its charming little streets, renaissance and gothic palaces and Romanesque buildings. Because of its pretty town centre, Trogir has often been used as a film set. Some of the most famous include Orson Welles’s “The Merchant of Venice”  aired at the Venice film festival. Other films and TV shows which used Trogir as a perfect film set include Winnetou, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell, Stealing Heaven, Doctor Who and HBO show DIG just to name a few.

To see in person what Trogir has to offer, the best idea is to spend few days here as part of a two centre or tailor made holiday, and enjoy this lovely little town with its quaint cobbled streets, busy Marina and friendly atmosphere.  In our opinion, one of  the best views of the Marina is from the fabulous boutique Hotel, Villa Moretti located just over the bridge on the island of Ciovo and only 5 minutes walk to the centre of the City