Getting the Best Value and the Best Holiday

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Earlier this week, the respected travel journalist Simon Calder appeared on BBC Breakfast.  He was accusing travel companies of ripping off the consumer in relation to currency foreign exchange prices, in the immediate wake of Brexit.

When we checked, we could see little or no difference between Thomas Cook’s rates and the equally accepted route to market of the Post Office and High Street Banks.  So its more than a little unfair for the entire travel industry to be held up as the villains of the piece here ?

What was also sad to see that no mention was made by Simon,  (who is lets face it, known as the Consumers Champion),  that, as far as we are aware at this point in time, not a single UK Tour Operator has imposed a surcharge on their holidays.  Which under their terms and conditions,  are all totally within their rights to do given the % currency fluctuation this week.

So, package Tour Operators may well prove to be the cheapest route to a seamless holiday this year AND offer complete financial protection through ATOL.  As well as providing in resort service in the event its needed.

‘Canny’ travellers who have booked flights separately, intend to arrange transfer upon arrival at the airport and accommodation through one of the ‘pay on arrival’ deals through the plethora of Hotel booking engines now marketing themselves as specialists on TV?  Well, they will pay locally on arrival at the prevailing exchange rate, and also face local City taxes and insurance where charged, ALL in local currency.  And furthermore, have no redress if anything goes wrong en route,  or if the hotel is overbooked..

DIY ?  perhaps not such a cheap or reliable holiday option now?