Get Ready for Adventure: Holidays in Croatia

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Thanks Easyjet ! after my rant last week, we do now have flights out for early in 2014 from to Split from Gatwick… Still waiting for the final Stansted after June 15th, but at least we can now press on with the backlog in Croatia Holiday requests for 2014 which is great news.

We have just heard but aren’t surprised that tourism overall to Croatia is up year on year and competition is getting more fierce for hotel and apartment accommodation. Flights too – Croatia attracts holidaymakers from all over the world. As the rest of Europe tends to book much earlier than we do, its made for a lot of disappointment this year with people having to settle for 2nd or 3rd accommodation choices, with some even putting off their holidays in Dubrovnik until next year because we cannot find them anything suitable for this. That said – we can remember when we first started – 7 years ago – the last holidaymakers for the season would be returning about the middle of September. Well not anymore – each year holidays to Croatia get later and later. We even have some people taking a City Break in Dubrovnik  this November !


We are selective – pickier than most – our ethic is that we wouldn’t send anyone anywhere we wouldn’t be happy to stay ourselves, and so far, this mantra has worked for us. It means that sometimes we turn away business if all our stuff is full and we are offered something we don’t have experience of; but we would prefer it this way – rather than having anyone come back with a less than happy memory of their Croatia holiday. In fact, we have now made it our new rule that we will not book anyone a holiday without speaking to them first, just to make sure that everything is covered correctly and they know exactly what to expect. This decision comes as a result of a family holidaying at Villa More, Dubrovnik  – one of our top sellers, and their being disappointed with the beamed attic style ceilings which, for others, simply adds to the charm of the place. Speaking to them prior would have flagged this and we could have found them something more modern in style which they would have enjoyed more.


Next year too – we have many more activity holidays – one of which we expect to be extremely popular

With a group size to a maximum of 20 people, explore all that the fantastic world famous Plitvice Lakes National Park has to offer. Accommodation is clean and functional, and we absolutely guarantee stunning scenery and a holiday to remember. Or if you like sea kayaking – we would think this fits the bill.This most certainly is not a Luxury Holiday in Croatia but we certainly have these too ! We are more than happy to chat over what makes you tick just to make sure we get everything 100% right for everyone’s holidays in Croatia.  We’re here, give us a call.