A tiny country sandwiched between Albania and Croatia with a diverse coastline and amazing scenery, Montenegro is sure to surprise you with a wealth of history, charming coastal towns, stunning hinterlands, magnificent lakes and striking mountains.

This small country is packed with many interesting things to do and explore and deserves to be a standalone holiday on its own, as a cruise stop or a day trip from Dubrovnik is just not enough to see it all.

Dating back to Roman times, Montenegro has been on the borderline with the east and west; influenced by many civilisations where its marks are still visible in beautiful Catholic or Orthodox churches, mosques, walled cities, magnificent Roman villas and defence fortresses dotting around the coast and on the hills.

Whilst the locals get on with their everyday life and offer the typically warm Montenegrin hospitality to their visitors, this country is emerging and now an important holiday hub in Europe, as it has already started attracting many tourists around the world, wanting to discover its natural beauties and diverse history.

Whether it’s relaxing by the sea in a charming boutique hotel in Kotor Bay, enjoying bird life around Lake Skadar (also called Lake Scutari) or discovering the rugged mountains of Durmitor and Prokletije, you are sure to get more than you hoped for. Montenegro, a country that is a mere two-thirds of the size of Wales, is full of surprises and waiting to be discovered!

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