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The Kvarner region is definietely Croatia's best kept secret! The region starts on the north east coast of the Istria just after the port of Brestova and includes the beautiful stretch of coast eastwards through Lovran, Opatija and to Rijeka and then encompasses the whole of the Kvarner Bay to the south including the coast near Crikvenica and the islands of which the best known are Cres and Krk. The other islands that are equally interesting are Rab and Losinj.

The island of Cres is the least developed of the Kvarner islands where sheep roam wild and ruins of stone Ilyrian villages remain. There are also catamaran connections to the smaller islands of Ilovik, Unije and Susak. The island of Cres has an important role as a sanctuary for the Griffon Vulture, one of the rarest and largest birds of prey in Europe. Cres is home to a significant population of Griffon Vultures, and efforts have been made to protect and preserve these majestic birds.

Krk, the largest of the Kvarner islands, is often referred to as the "Golden Isle" due to its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Besides its natural beauty, Krk is home to the ancient city of Krk, which boasts one of the oldest urban settlements in Europe, dating back to Roman times. The island is also known for its diverse terrain, featuring everything from lush forests and secluded coves to vibrant vineyards and olive groves.

Rab, characterized by its medieval charm, is often dubbed the "Island of 1000 Pine Trees" due to its lush, fragrant pine forests. This island is famous for its four elegant bell towers, each adorning one of its historic churches. Known for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Rab has a unique appeal, blending natural beauty with a rich historical tapestry.

Losinj stands out as a haven for nature lovers, particularly those fascinated by marine life. The island is renowned for its commitment to dolphin conservation, with a dedicated Dolphin Research Center. Visitors have the opportunity to witness these intelligent creatures in their natural habitat through organized boat tours. Apart from its ecological initiatives, Losinj boasts stunning bays, fragrant pine forests, and a Mediterranean atmosphere that promotes relaxation and tranquility.

The Kvarner region is also known for having the longest seaside promenade in Croatia which runs from Volosko (between Opatija and Rijeka) through Opatija and finishing at Lovran. It has some long pebble beaches and small coves. In the hills behind Opatija, the medieval town of Kastav is like something from a film set and offers great panoramic views across the Kvarner Bay.

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