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Without doubt, Dubrovnik is the most famous place in Croatia. Most people refer to the old city when they talk of Dubrovnik and indeed the place is unique – a walled city right on the city. The cultural heritage is breath-taking with Renaissance and Gothic Palaces and churches side by side, polished Stradun (main street), ornate squares, exquisite  fountains and towers, all encased by defence ramparts, built between the 12th-17th centuries, almost two kilometres long and with a maximum height of 25 metres in place which can be walked in around 90 minutes at an easy pace. Our Croatia expert suggests you take guided tour of the old city, she says “people often think that they dont need a guided tour but trust me, you will miss so much here without one. Usually maximum of two hours you will see the cloisters, the old pharmacy, Rector’s Palace, the Orthodoc church, the old orphanage and one of the oldest synagogues in Europe”. Dubrovnik’s old city is a UNESCO Heritage site and a place that George Bernard Shaw called “the Pearl of the Adriatic” and it isn’t hard to see why.

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Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik & Islands
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Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik & Islands
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Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik & Islands
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Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik & Islands
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Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik & Islands
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