Christmas is coming……

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Ho ho ho – Dubrovnik has put up its Christmas decorations in the Old Town, along the Stradun.  As well as local government officers, the Fire Service also stepped in to assist.  With the accent firmly on the traditional, visitors will find lights, lanterns and traditional decorations really add to the festive atmosphere.  Pucic Palace would have a real romantic Dickensian look to it now.

Split main dragMeanwhile, further up the coast in Split, there is great excitement surrounding the discovery of the remains of a 4th century amphitheatre. We believe the local regional Council intend to apply for EU funding to ensure the preservation and excavation of these ruins.  Not as easy as it sounds as its been discovered close to one of the busiest roads in the town !

The mad weather experienced throughout Europe over the past month has reared its head in Croatia.  One of our friends from the island of Murter told us that winds topped over 220km per hour this week… And with the first snow of the year expected any day soon, they are all battening down the hatches for the Winter.

In the office this week, not only have we put up our Christmas tree, and found out we need to buy some new festive lights,  we have Dubrovnik City Walls and old harbouralso been busy adding in some fantastic new products for Croatia Holidays 2014.  Take a look at this – brand new 5 star Dubrovnik Cruise, on a brand new 5 star ship.   This one departs from Dubrovnik, and its already sold out for July 5 so we expect demand to be high.  We are seeing more and more of the top end cruising coming onto the market.

Check out Hotel and Gourmet Restaurant Kukuriku as well.  We visited this hotel earlier in the year and think its just got a great atmosphere feeling really authentic in style.  Located at the top of a hill in a Kastav mapvillage called Kastav.   The food here is totally ‘amazeballs’ as Nicole Schwerzinger would say.  You can eat a 5 course meal here with no problem at all.  Portions are tasty, and varied from meat through to fresh fish, truffles,  and home-made ice cream.  We can see why this place is popular.  If you’re not staying at the hotel, booking is advised !

Villas are already booking out for 2014.  Villa renters just seem to get earlier and earlier every year.  Still I suppose if you know what you want, in order to make sure you get it, its as well to book as early as you can. This one, Villa Olivia,  in the rural valley of Konavle with incredible views,  is one of our particular favourites.  Hammock in the garden – total blissville !Garden and hammock