What is the cost of living in Croatia?

“How much money should I take?” Is something we get asked a lot by our customers. Whilst ATM’s are readily available throughout the whole of the country, topping up your cash is never a problem, but here is some further info which we hope will help!

Despite having recently joined the EU, the currency of Croatia is still the Kuna which is made up of 100 lipa. This in turn is worth approximately 10p. So 10 Kunas is worth approximately £1.

So, you’ve decided on a holiday in Croatia, how far will your Kuna go?

Since joining Europe, prices have inevitably risen as the Kuna is a euro led currency, but with the GBP performing well, things are still comparatively good value for us Brits. In family bistros and cafes, expect to pay approx. 15 kuna for a Coke or juice. A pint of local beer is between 14 and 16 Kuna, as is an ice cream.

In a local Konoba (family run restaurant) expect to pay between 200 – 350 Kuna for a main course for a family of 4. Drinks, starters and pudding will add to the bill and be in the range of what you would pay in a café. Expect to pay about 50 kuna for a good size freshly prepared Pizza or bowl of pasta.

On Sipan we recommend Konoba Kod Marko, a tiny restaurant which produces the finest fresh fish meals for about 30 Kuna for 5 courses!

If you are self- catering it’s as well to know that the larger supermarkets are much cheaper than you’ll find in local convenience stores, a bit like at home really. You can easily buy bread both in shops and in bakeries where a wheatgerm loaf will be approximately 14 Kuna, white sliced being much cheaper.

In conclusion, remember, restaurants and bars will all have menus displayed at the entrance which you’re perfectly welcome to check before committing! Go and enjoy the diversity and freshness of the Croatian cuisine, a pleasant culinary experience, in some places, of the highest gastronomic quality. Such as Villa Kapetanovic, enjoy unparalleled views enjoying the finest food.