Unique Hotel Stories...

At Completely Croatia we pride ourselves on our wonderful selection of amazing hotels that we have in our collection. Every hotel inspires an authentic and thoughtful experience that acquaints its guests with the legacy, heritage and warm hospitality of the Croatian Adriatic. Our hotels are located in city palaces, off the beaten track, hidden amongst rocks above the sea or in olive groves of feudal manors. Each of them has a unique story to tell and we've chosen six of our favourite hotels to share with you today.

Adriana - Hvar

Simply put, Hotel Adriana is a place where you are taken care of. The warm, healthy welcome starts with the first view of the island – an aesthetic beauty of stone set in contrast to a lush and shady greenery, where a calming song of crickets and the scent of lavender wafts in through the breeze blown over the incredible turquoise sea. As soon as you arrive, you are enticed by Hvar’s lavander aromatized water, or a glass of Prosecco, as well as healthy biscuits made from honey and prepared by the hotel’s chef just for your welcome!



Alhambra - Losinj

Alhambra sprang from the imagination of Alfred Keller, a renowned Austrian architect who left his trace around the world by designing simple, elegant hotels that reconcile modernity and tradition. From the very beginning, Hotel Alhambra was a place of sophisticated luxury, a salon for the era’s intellectual and cultural elite. Many great philosophers, musicians, and politicians stayed at Alhambra and discussed the important issues of the day late into the night of the hotel’s veranda.



D-Resort - Sibenik

The colours of Dalmatia’s nature are reflected in the refined, minimalist architecture of the hotel - the pale colour of the sunlit stone, where the vegetation surrounds the hotel and guests are met with the aroma of olives, citrus, laurel, rosemary and pine. Calming tones of blue and green cannot be avoided here as the sky and the sea are mirrored in the hotel’s pools. The exterior enters the interior of the hotel, and the interior with its organic textures and natural materials embodies the elegance of the Mediterranean landscape.


Navis - Opatija

Hotel Navis is a modern, powerful building, designed by the great Croatian architect Idis Turato. Among the solid lines of reinforced concrete, large glass panes capture and reflect the color of the sea. From every room you can look out and see the islands of Krk, Cres, and Lošinj. The sea, at times mild and calm, and other times made wild and willful by the mighty southern wind, is a part of everything here.


San Rocco - Istria

San Rocco is a family estate and has been run by the Fernetich family for over 160 years! All four types of Istria’s colored soils can be found here: red, black, white, and grey. The variety of soil helps grow beautiful grapes and olives. The olive grove surrounding the hotel has thrived for over a century and was planted by the Fernetichs' great-grandfather. Each fall the olives are harvested and turned into San Rocco’s divine olive oil, which is considered to be among the best in the world!


The Pucic Palace

Gundulić Square was built after an earthquake struck Dubrovnik in 1667. Today, a small bridge connecting the two blocks of the Palace, serves as a reminder of this incredible event. In the morning, the square serves as a marketplace, coming alive in an explosion of colors, smells, and textures of the local food! In the afternoon, the market is transformed into an area of relaxation, socializing and refreshment. The surrounding palaces, scenic streets and little lanes have remained the same since the Middle Ages!