Seven Days in Croatia

While Seven days in Croatia seems like a short time, you can still make the most of the country and see the best parts of it. 

If you only have a week to spare, why not book a trip to beautiful Croatia and enjoy its incredible mediaeval cities, sparkling sea, stunning mountains, verdant forests and famed hospitality.  A great way to maximise your time is to arrive in Zagreb, travel through the country and leave from Dubrovnik.  Here is an idea of places to stop off on a Croatia multi centre tours, for a magical seven days in Croatia.


Start in Zagreb, the historic capital of Croatia.  Its Mediaeval nucleus, Gradec, is filled with historic buildings, including Zagreb Cathedral and the intricately tiled St Mark’s Church.  With museums and other cultural points of interest, Zagreb is a wonderful destination to begin your journey.  Located at the foot of Mount Medvednica, you would be amiss not to visit the stunning forests of Medvednica Nature Park and take some time to appreciate the tranquility of the woodland.  Pack a picnic and enjoy the scenic arboreal surroundings while tuning out from modern life.


From Zagreb, travel west to the stylish coastal resort of Opatija.  Hugely popular during Victorian times, it was a key destination on the Grand European Tour.  Luxury hotels rest between the sea front and forested hills.  The harbour is a lovely place to sit on a deckchair and take a dip in the Adriatic Sea.  From Opatija, take a day trip down to the ancient settlement of Pula.  Featuring churches and defensive structures overlooking the sea, it is worth the trip for the Roman Pula Arena alone.  The Roman history of the town is also found at the forum which features the two-thousand-year-old Temple of Augustus.  Next to it is the Mediaeval Communal Palace built from the ruins of the Temple of Diana.


From Opatija, journey down to the ancient heart of Croatia centered around the city of Spilt.  The largest city of the Dalmatian region can trace its origins to the Greeks 2,400 years ago.  With the spectacular old town and breathtaking remains of the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace, Split is a cultural treasure trove.  A great day trip from Split, the heart-stopping beauty of Krka National Park is worth a spot on your itinerary.  With forest either side of a river and gorgeous waterfalls, it is a natural gem.  Medieval monasteries are moodily situated within the park that is home to multiple species of birds of prey.


Finish your week-long Croatian getaway in Dubrovnik.  Take in the old town and enjoy some of its pretty beaches.  Eat fine cuisine in one of the many great eateries in the scenic streets of the beautiful Pearl of the Adriatic.  The city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an exceptional walled town with fortresses, churches and historic landmarks.  The lovely gardens of Trsteno Arboretum, the oldest arboretum in the world, are a peaceful retreat filled with exotic plants.  A walk around the town walls will reveal many of the locations used by HBO as King’s Landing in the smash hit series Game of Thrones.

Leave the hard work of planning to the experts...while seven days is a whirlwind experience, we make travelling between all stops hassle free by arranging and confirming all transfers before your trip.  We often find our clients who sample Croatia on a multi centre will want to come and see more of the country that has so much history and nature to offer.