Five Reasons to Holiday in Croatia

Croatia is fast becoming the kind of travel destination that should find its way to the top of your list of places to holiday.

Croatia is just two hours' flight time from London. If you choose to holiday in Croatia you’ll encounter a gem of a destination where history, culture and stunning landscapes merge, with clear waters and rocky coves. Croatia combines a blend of glamour and tradition set against a stunning backdrop of rolling hillsides and rich green forests, all bordered by the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Here, you can explore over 120 miles of coastline overlooking more than 1000 Adriatic islands. Croatia has it all - from unforgettable Game of Thrones scenery and beautiful architecture, to a legendary music scene and the perfect climate. These are just some of the reasons why holidays in Croatia are becoming so popular.

Here at Long Travel we are specialists in holidays to Croatia so our travel experts have come up with their top 5 reasons why you should book your next holiday to Croatia:

1. Holiday in Dubrovnik

No holiday in Croatia is really complete without a stay in Dubrovnik. Those who choose to holiday in Dubrovnik discover one of the most unique, charming and beautiful cities in the world, its ancient city walls, overlooking the sparkling waters of the Adriatic. Walking the wall is a must. There are many hidden highlights lurking within the ancient architecture. Visit the fascinating Franciscan Monastery and the Maritime Museum, situated in the fortress Sveti Ivan. Many film directors have chosen Dubrovnik as the setting for global blockbusters. The city has proven a beguiling backdrop for such cinematic heavyweights as Game of Thrones and Star Wars and is rumoured to be the setting for the next James Bond film. If you don’t choose to stay in Dubrovnik, then you can always visit on a day-trip. Also, many of our Croatia cruise and island-hopping holidays include a stop in Dubrovnik.

 2. Explore History on your Holiday

In Croatia history is all around you. Wherever you choose to spend your holiday in Croatia, even the most disenchanted traveller will rediscover a sense of intrigue, discovery and adventure. Croatia boasts many historic sites that have managed to withstand the test of time. Croatia’s ancient walled cities such as Dubrovnik, Split or the beautifully preserved medieval town of Trogir and stunning monuments such as the seventh century Cathedral of Saint Domnius in Split or the Roman amphitheatre in Pula are sure to be a highlight of any holiday. In Croatia both the enchanting islands and the coastal cities of the mainland display stunning architectural treasures matched only by the natural beauty of the national parks. In the Brijuni National Park, located on a sunny Adriatic island just off the Istrian peninsula, you’ll find the Roman and Byzantine ruins and 100-million-year-old dinosaur footprints. You can’t get much more ancient than that!

3. The Local Wine and Delicious Cuisine will enhance your Holiday in Croatia

Croatian wine may be less well known than that of its neighbour, Italy, but it is no less drinkable, its vineyards benefitting from the same sunny climate. Wherever you go on your holiday in Croatia, you are sure to be impressed by the fresh local produce transformed into delicious meals – Mediterranean cuisine with strong Italian influences and a unique Croatian twist. On the coast you will find freshly-caught fish and delicious local seafood in abundance. You will also notice Ottoman influences in the flaky filo pastry savoury treats. Croatia's warm climate is perfect for the cultivation of olives. In fact some of the olive trees in Croatia are a staggering 1,600 years old. Most of the restaurants you dine at on your holiday in Croatia will offer you fresh bread with Croatian olive oil as a complimentary starter. It’s so good you may well consider skipping the main course and feasting on bread with olive oil all evening! Wherever you choose to dine, the cuisine is sure to be a highlight of your Croatian holiday!

4. Explore the Beautiful Island of Brac

Brac is only a short distance off the Dalmatian Coast, a mere six kms from Split, making it the perfect location for a two centre tailormade holiday in Croatia. It is known for its stone quarries which have contributed to some of the best-known buildings in the world, including the White House. Brac has a laid-back island ambience making it perfect for a relaxing holiday. In Croatia it's rare to find beaches, as the coastline is mostly quite rocky, but Brac is the exception, boasting the long spit of beach known as Zlatni Rat, which changes according to the prevailing wind.

5. Try Island Hopping in Croatia

There are more than 1000 islands situated off the coast off Croatia in the stunning and clear turquoise-blue water of the Adriatic Sea. Wherever you choose to spend your holiday in Croatia there are sure to be opportunities for lazy days out by boat to visit nearby islands. Some people choose to spend their entire holiday in Croatia island-hopping by taking one of our popular Adriatic cruise holidays – sailing leisurely from island to island along the coast.

If you want more advice on where to spend your holiday in Croatia then call one of our travel experts now on 01694722193, or request a callback.