Put Dubrovnik on your Wish List

Without a doubt, Dubrovnik is one of the most famous places in Croatia. Most people refer to the old city when they talk of Dubrovnik and indeed the place is unique – a walled city right on the city! We wanted to share with you our top reasons for visiting this beautiful area of Croatia!



History of Dubrovnik

The cultural heritage is breath-taking, with Renaissance and Gothic Palaces, churches side by side, polished Stradun (the main street), ornate squares with exquisite fountains and towers - all encased by defence ramparts, built between the 12th-17th centuries! A popular activity, is to walk these historic walls. Offering spectacular views out over the harbour and across this beautiful city, these walls are an iconic feature of Dubrovnik.


Dubrovnik’s Cable Car

This cable car ride experience takes you up to Mount Srd hill for fantastic views! Srd is a low mountain just behind the walled city of Dubrovnik in the Dalmatia region of Croatia. The mountain, part of the Dinaric Alps, has a height of 412 metres. At its top, is a large white stone cross and Fort Imperial, a defensive structure built by the French in 1810 during the Napoleonic Wars. 


A Dubrovnik Delicacy

Dubrovačka rozata (“Dubrovnik flan”), is a native delicacy, which was already sweetening palates in medieval times. It is a cream made of eggs, flour and milk, served cold and topped with caramel syrup. It was named after Dubrovnik liquor made from roses, well-known as Rozulin, which is used for flavouring this tasty dessert. In recent years, it has come to be replaced by rum!


Dubrovnik’s Summer Festival

Every year, the opening ceremony of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival takes place in front of the Orlando Statue and it includes the raising of the ‘Libertas’ flag, which is styled after that of the historical Dubrovnik Republic. All these symbols stand as monuments to the love of freedom enjoyed by Dubrovnik, and which also found expression in the poetry of the baroque poet Ivan Gundulić.


Dubrovnik’s Trading

Dubrovnik has an extensive history of trading through it's perfectly positioned harbour. The sailors of Dubrovnik continuously brought seeds, seedlings, fruit and spices from exotic markets on their travels, alongside bringing culinary ideas from faraway regions. Culinary multiculturalism has been active in Dubrovnik for centuries. In the contemporary hospitality of this region, this unique tradition is maintained to this day, from the rural cuisine of open-fire and grilled food preparation to the most luxurious Adriatic restaurants with magnificent views city wall views.


Peljesaca Peninsula 

To the north of Dubrovnik, the green and unspoilt Peljesac Peninsula produces wine, fruit and salt and is worth a visit! Visitors heading for the island of Korcula will cross the area on their way to the little port of Orebic, and it is on the Peljesac Peninsula that you cannot miss the great walls of Ston which can be walked at a gentle pace or more vigorously during the annual Ston Marathon.


Now you know why we love Dubrovnik so much, why not click here to browse our fantastic holidays to this stunning area of Croatia to see what all the fuss is about?