One of Croatia’s best kept secrets

We heard this week that Zagreb is soon to host an international wine festival and that over 60 wineries will travel to the Croatian capital to be judged. 

Not a job we would like to be charged with, only because we have yet to have any wine in Croatia that wasn’t fantastic.  Its one of their lesser known attributes as – being the sensible nation that they are – very  little is exported and they keep most of their production for themselves.  With that in mind – I am again indebted to Mr Knight, one of our regular travellers, for his assistance is my blog this week...

Some local wine for Dinner?

Whilst Croatian wine is seldom seen on supermarket shelves and in wine merchants in the UK there is nevertheless a long history of wine production in Croatia and you will find it’s as good as it gets when compared price for price with what is on offer at home.  The names on bottles will seem totally unfamiliar although some top end producers are now including an English description on their labels. However, there are a few basic pointers you can use to help you make a choice:

Vrhunsko Vino on the label means ‘Premium Quality Wine’ - Kvalitetno Vino means Quality Wine - Stolno Vino means Table Wine

If you decide to take a holiday to Croatia, we probably suggest an excursion to Peljasac or Konavle both of which are famous wine growing regions.

We heard this week that the Radisson Blu, Sun Gardens resort has one the Best luxury Coastal Resort award, at the prestigious World Luxury Travel Awards, part of  the Luxury Travel exhibition held in the South of France this year.  We aren’t surprised to learn this, as having visited ourselves, it’s an incredibly prestigious resort where nothing is too much trouble for the exceptionally well trained and motivated staff.  We are proud to feature this resort, not the cheapest, but obviously the best, the old adage, you get what you pay for springs to mind….

Talking of the best, we added another luxury island hopping cruise of Croatia to our selection for 2014.  Starting and finishing in Dubrovnik, it’s a brand new ship built in Split and due for launch in about one months time.  We have met the team behind the ship and the itinerary and their enthusiasm is palpable.  In common with a lot of holidays to Croatia 2014, the cruise is proving popular, in fact the departure scheduled for 5th July is already fully booked for the main/upper deck cabins…. So go for a lower deck one – (the cabins in the lower decks are actually a little larger being in the hull) how much time do you think you spend in the cabin anyway ?  with a huge sun deck and swimming off the back – the answer is – hardly any .  We can promise gourmet calibre food on this ship as well.