Nadia's Favourite Region of Croatia

We asked Nadia, from our team, to share her favourite region with us! She chose Kvarner, a region with the slogan "Diversity is Beautiful"...and it's really easy to see why.



The beautiful places in Kvarner were recognised by the European aristocracy, back in the 19th century. Blessed with a mild climate and lush Mediterranean vegetation, it was perfect for their holidays. It is thanks to them that the first luxurious villas and hotels were built, and the foundations of the first Croatian resorts were laid. Welcome to the fragrant gates of the Adriatic!



Opatija is a fashionable Adriatic tourist resort where former villas and private summer residences have been turned into beautiful hotels. Opatija is rich in history and culture, has many fantastic locations, impressive monuments, well-manicured parks and magnificent villas that are waiting to be discovered. Enjoy a walk in the well-tended parks and the seaside promenade which runs from Volosko through Opatija and finishing at Lovran.



Krk has an interesting wine history - it's the only place in the Kvarner region that is flat enough to have extensive vineyards. The vines are near Vrbnik. The white stone, hilltop village offers some wonderful tasting opportunities at various cellars – including “sea champagne” which, as the name suggests, comes from the sea as bottles are left in cages on the seabed (the bottles are beautiful having become naturally encrusted with shells and corals). Plus, enjoy wonderful panoramic views from Vrbnik across the Kvarner Bay.



Rab is situated to the south of the island of Krk and known as “happy island” due to the old Roman name of the island “felix arba”.This is the island that has geologists scratching their heads - it has over 20 sandy beaches, one which is over two kilometres long called Paradise beach near Lopar on the island’s north coast. Croatia is known mainly for pebble and rock beaches. In many ways, Rab town itself resembles a mini Dubrovnik with the famous four spires dominating the old town and a core with three parallel streets on different levels all connected by steps and beautiful squares.



Losinj is known as the island of vitality due to a certain Croatian botanist. During the 19th century, Ambroz Haracic declared that the island’s balance of sunshine, humidity, temperature and latitude made it the healthiest place in the Austro-Hungarian Empire for a well-being holiday and it soon became a favourite spot for Austrian and other European royalty. In 1892, Losinj officially received an official designation as a health resort. Today, wild herbs and plants are used therapeutically and there are 250 kilometres of walking trails and cycle paths, many of them through fragrant Aleppo pine woods or by the sea.


Did You Know?

This is the region for unusual and distinct food festivals. The island of Krk celebrates the octopus where a signature dish is the delicious octopus ragout. The mainland coast near Crikvenica has “Oily Fish Week” with a celebration of the blue fish family and Opatija has the Chocolate Festival where chocolate seems to overtake everything with a fair, themed menus in restaurants, special cakes and beautiful chocolate Christmas decorations. This is also home to the biggest Advent Festival by the sea from late November until the end of December. An open air ice rink by the Adriatic? Indeed!