Fascinating Facts about Dubrovnik

We know Dubrovnik is an ancient City.  We knew it was steeped in history, but here are a few facts which made even us sit up and take notice.  You learn something new every day…

  1. Its claimed that the world’s first commercial pharmacy opened in Dubrovnik in 1317.  Allied to the Monastery then, it is still in existence today,  but with rather more  recognisable modern remedies.  That said, it still stocks some creams and herbal teas with recipes faithful right back to the 1300s.
  2. Dubrovnik was the first ‘country’ (being a Republic at the time), to banish slavery in 1416.
  3. Dubrovnik had the first orphanage in the world, which opened its doors to take in children in 1432.
  4. Dubrovnik has a medieval sewer system dating from 1296 which is still in use today !
  5. Agatha Christie spent her second honeymoon in Dubrovnik.
  6. Dubrovnik’s Insurance Law is the oldest in Europe, being validated in 1395,  some 300 years before Lloyds of London.
  7. On Thursday 12th October 2016, Dubrovnik Old Town registered 1 million visitors in a year.  The first time this ‘magical’ number had been reached in a 365 day period.  (We’d say visit before it sinks under the weight!)
  8. Dubrovnik is quite the Grande Dame of the film world having featured in Game of Thrones, Star Wars and in 2017 shooting is due to start on Robin Hood