Croatia Landmarks – Famous Tourist attractions and sites

Croatia has it all.  Natural beauty, ancient history and exciting outdoor activities.  Here are some of the famous attractions and sites that have made Croatia a go to destination for film and television companies as well as keeping it on the tourist map since the Grand Tours of the 18th and 19th century.

Northern Croatia

The northern region of Croatia is full of beautiful natural sights.  The incredible Risnjak National Park is well-known for its bear watching.  While accompanied by a park ranger throughout the dense forests, brown bears are just one of the amazing animals you can see.

Just off the coast of the northern city of Pula lie the Brijuni Islands.  These 14 small islands are another gorgeous Croatian national park.  In the past, residents had summer houses on the islands, complete with personal zoos.

Lungomare is an amazing urban seaside promenade through Kvarner Bay.  The 19th century resort town of Opatija is famous for this anti-beach.  Although it is a man-made seafront, it is replete with deckchairs and sun-loungers.

Not far from Pula and Opatija is the breathtaking island of Losinj.  Famous for it’s healthy environment, it is also home to a colony of 120 dolphins.  Lucky visitors may get the chance to swim with them.  See the famous Hrvatski Apoksiomen statue, found in the sea not far from Losing and now housed in its own museum. 

Central Croatia

When it comes to natural beauty, you would be hard pushed to find a more stunning place than Plitvice National Park.  The ethereal blue of the lake waters against the eternal green trees transports visitors to a fairytale land.  The Incredible ancient village of Rastoke is one of the most picturesque places in the country.  The old mills are nestled next to beautiful little waterfalls named after the villagers.

The unique architectural feature of Zadar is its famous Sea Organ.  The coastal town’s stepped promenade was built with internal workings that make music when the waves hit the land.  Just south and a little inland from Zadar is the majestic beauty of Krka National Park.  With sublime waterfalls in a forest setting, it is one of the most captivating places in Croatia.

The ancient harbour town of Trogir is like a mini Dubrovnik.  With its pretty marina and historic buildings, the UNESCO site is a lovely place to wander amid Venetian palaces and old churches.  Just across the bay is the larger town of Split.  The city spills over with history and you can take in the glory of the Roman Empire with a list to Diocletian’s Palace.  Join others in rubbing the toe of the statue of Gregory of Nin, said to bring good luck.

Southern Croatia

The stunning island of Brac has much to offer visitors in terms of natural splendour.  The highest point on the island, Vidova Gora, affords views across Brac and miles of seascape.  The neighbouring island of Hvar boasts a lovely ancient citadel that overlooks the city of Hvar and the delightful terracotta roofs of the houses.

Dubrovnik has grown in popularity after being used to film parts of Game of Thrones and Star Wars.  The mediaeval walled city of Dubrovnik old town is a UNESCO world heritage site situated on the glistening Adriatic Sea.  The cable car offers a bird’s eye view of the beautiful city.  Just outside Dubrovnik, the gardens of Trsteno Arboretum are a sanctuary of calm and the oldest of their kind in the world.  The island of Sipan was once the summer retreat of Dubrovnik’s elite.  With 35 churches and glorious sea views, it is a top spot to spend a summer vacation in the Adriatic sea.